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A Little about Vintage Chevy Trucks.

Vintage Chevy Trucks started based on the love for 67-72 Chevy Trucks. Founded by William O'Grady and Dedicated to the Classic Chevy Truck Owner. We carry new and used parts for 67 to newer Chevy/GMC Trucks. If we don't have it in stock we can order it for you. We pride our selves in providing the best customer service and the ability to find any part you might need for your Truck.

Do you know what makes your truck different?

1967- In 1967, Chevrolet introduced this new body style truck. In appearance, it was a completely redesigned truck from the previous years. However, many of the chassis parts will interchange between this truck and previous years. Grill consists of two wide rectangular openings with surround trim and bowtie emblem in center. Hood has CHEVROLET letters across front. GMC grill design is one vertical and one crossing horizontal bar between dual headlights. GMC letters are attached to center grill. Fenders and bedsides have no side marker lamps. Parking lights are mounted in lower rectangular opening of grill. Small back window is standard equipment with big back window optional. Floor of fleet side bed is now steel as standard equipment with optional wood floor. Step side bed floor is still wood with steel skid strips. CST equipped trucks have lower bright trim installed at lower body line. Last year for the optional 283 ci. engine. Fender emblems consist of a bowtie on top with the truck series designation below. Hand operated parking brake.

1968- Very similar to 1967 truck. Small back window is discontinued, so all 68's will have big back windows. Side marker lamps are added to front fenders and rear bedsides. Some CST equipped trucks have upper side trim in addition to the lower side trim. CST's also have bright trim surrounding front grill and headlamp area. Letters on GMC's are now moved from grill to front of hood. First year for the optional 307 ci. & 396 ci. engines.

1969- Similar to previous years but with the following changes. New grill is one piece anodized aluminum design with center bar which extends to and surrounds headlamps. Plastic grill insert consists of tightly spaced horizontal and vertical members in a cross-hatch pattern. CHEVROLET letters are embossed across center of grill with parking lamps mounted at either end of the embossed letters. Bowtie emblem mounted on front of hood. Fender emblems now state the series number and model, such as CST/10. Engine displacement emblems were also mounted below fender emblems when equipped with optional engines. Deluxe equipped trucks had optional upper and lower trim along side of body. Custom equipped trucks had black banded lower trim. CST equipped trucks had wood grain banded lower trim. First year for foot operated parking brake. First year for the Blazer.

1970- Very similar to the 1969. Grill is similar to 1969, except the plastic insert now consists of twelve groups of four short horizontal fins arranged with six stacks of fins above the center bar and six stacks below. First year for the optional 402 ci. engine.

1971- Similar to previous years. Redesigned grill now consists of large anodized aluminum surrounding entire grill area with a rectangular pattern insert. Bowtie emblem is mounted in center of grill. GMC also has a slightly redesigned grill. First year for front wheel disc brakes. Top of the line model trucks are now designated Cheyenne. Parking lamps are now mounted in front bumper. Last year for the inside mirror bracket to be screwed above windshield.

1972- The last year of one of the most popular body style trucks in American history. 1972's are very difficult to distinguish from the prior year without checking serial numbers. One noticeable change is the inside rear view mirror is now glued to the windshield like modern day vehicles. Some new interior changes were also added, like fabric and door panel designs.

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